somewhere defines "aesthete" as "One having or affecting great sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature." This site is the partial expression of, put simply, the aesthetic I long for and hope to someday achieve fully. The lovely E of has hosted me here and at the now-defunct since June 2001. I've been experimenting with web-design since I was in junior high school, but in the past few years, design has become more and more of a passion.

If this site looks horrible in your resolution, I apologize. I checked it in several smaller resolutions and it's really large, but my family got a new computer and I made the layout in 1280x1024. Please email me (here) if the site doesn't work in your screen at all and I'll try to make a smaller version!

Because of the time and energy I have spent working on material for the site and writing the coding itself, I make the simple request that you do not steal any of this. It is a matter of human decency, really. I don't see why anyone would want to steal my material--nevertheless, my warning is serious.

This version of aesthete uses an image of my friend Iunia that I manipulated in Paint Shop Pro. I used it as a visual aid for a painting I did this spring (see crappy digital reproduction here).


sylvia plath + the bell jar
the ageless project